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We offer a vast amount of Healthcare,Medical supplies and equipment. Our up-to-date knowledge enables us to cater to your needs. we adjudicate with Pharmacare ,Dept. Veterans Affairs and The Ministry to help enhance your home health needs.

Competitive Pricing

We are known for offering the top quality products, that the industry has to offer at great prices.  Every one of our clients can trust that they are receiving our best prices upfront. 

Reliable Customer Service

We have worked in the health care industry since 1996 . We take the time to get to know your needs, and we always try our best to keep your best interests in mind .


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We Got you Top to Bottom

  • Wound care
  • Ostomy
  • Catheters
  • Syringes
  • Compression Socks and garments
  • Mobility Walkers,wheelchairs,knee caddy
  • Bathroom Equipment
  • Braces / Supports
  • Orthotics
  • Home Therapy
  • Medical ID
  • Foot care
  • & Much much much more.

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  •      Transport Chair $20/week $70/month
  •      16"-18" Wheelchair $25/week $75/month
  •      20" Wheelchair $30/week $105/month
  •      Single leg extension $5/week $15/month
  •      Pair of leg extensions $8/week $25/month
  •      Crutches $8/week $25/month
  •      Forearm Crutches $15/week $45/month
  •      2-Walker $15/week $45/month
  •      4-Wheel Walker with seat (Rollator) $20/week $70/month
  •      KNEE CRUISER $30/week $80/month
  • Other Rentals
  • I.V. Pole $15/week $45/month
  • Commode $20/week $60/month (must buy bucket $15 to keep)
  • Toilet Safet frame $15/week  $45/month
  • Bed Assist Rail $15/week  $45/month
  • Overbed table $25/week  $75/month

Your Credit Card Info must be given on site to rent items or Cash deposit equal to purchase price . These deposits will be returned when we receive our goods back.

We use Cavicide to clean returns. please ensure they have been cleaned by you at home prior to return to us.

Real Reviews from our clients


I have been a client of this store for longer than I can remember. The biggest plus here is the owner, Peter. I am an ostomy patient and there have been several times when I have shown up at the store with massive appliance leaks. Never a good time but particularly nasty in public. On all occasions Peter has helped me out to get sorted while preserving my dignity and aiding in helping me feel okay in an out of control situation. I have moved repeatedly and no matter how far or near Peter has tirelessly gone out of his way to deliver product to me personally. I would NEVER consider entrusting my medical supply needs to anyone else !! I cannot say enough wonderful things about this store and the services Peter provides to all his clients. So, if you are looking for a medical supplier with the time honored tradition of exceptional attention to detail and unsurpassed knowledge, quality and experience then look no further Peter and the staff at Independent Lifestyle are the definitive choice. You will NOT be disappointed!!


First time in here , I went at 10am .They had those reusable continence pads there on the shelf all sises., I hadn't the money to buy a new wheelchair and all the bathroom stuff my wife needed now owner let me do RENT TO OWN with NO interest ! Nora is terminal and also has ostomy with Pharamacare and Peter knew lots about it and was able to have all the ostomy bags and paste by that afternoon . I never came across a person so patient and and yes he helped me figure out that I was mixed up about some of the gear I was getting and had to calm down a bit. Some tomes I get a bit stressed with all the worry of herself and confused with all the medical equipment and even though I was frustrated and might have yelled a bit...Peter was just patient...he told me he understood..his wife had 3 car accidents and he knew what I was going through...so I didnt feel bad...then... This man is is a very goood person and deserves to be recognized by the community. He has being helping us out here since 2008 with our medical supplies and I am so grateful for him always being here for us..even us stressed ones.

~Ann~ Proper free fitting of my medical compression stockings and cheapest any where between Abby ,Mission and Coquitlam... Nice lady in store. Huge amount of medical stuff too! 

~M.W.~  Excellent service, knowledgeable and friendly staff. I would highly recommend to everyone! 

~Chelsea~  Great customer service and Peter was very informative. I am very grateful for this experience. I will defiantly be returning for all my future medical purchases. 

~Sinead~  I got to visit this store while on holiday. SO many fab and innovative products - I wish we had somewhere like it at home! 

~Lisha~  Great help to my Papa , fair advice and really,really kind people. Loved the dog when she was in the store! Found some really unusual items that could not be got elsewhere and happy they got new staff this week Oct 1st, 2015 

~Alishia~  The business owners are super friendly and they carry such versatile products. This makes it easy not only for the elderly as it is a one stop shop, but also for younger people like me who play sports and require certain bandages, wraps and creams for my muscle tension!! Highly recommend this for all individuals with a variety of health needs .

~K~ 5 stars 

~James~ Very nice people. Prices are good. I was helped immediately and found everything I was looking for. Couldn't find the wound care items I needed in any of the large pharmacies.

~R~  Great at what they do! 5 stars!

~A.D.~ The staff is super friendly and they carry such versatile products! This store has the ability to help any individual with almost all of their health needs. Very highly recommended :)

~Dajana~ Amazing kind and knowledgable service! Very helpful and go out of their way to get you what you need! 5 star all around

~Hashbal Toor~ They are exceptional in service, treat you like family! Highly recommend to everyone :) 5 star all round.

~S.P.~ 5 star U wont believe it !I went in on the unlikely off chance they would have a kidney stone strainer and 22 gauge syringes . There it was! They had that , Ostomy, lots of incontinence stuff, daily living aids, post surgery stuff, knee caddys, rentals..it was fantastic ! All in our own lovely Maple Ridge! This store deserves an award! Unreal they have so much home medical stuff in store and the gent inside takes his time but sorts you out. This is a real heroic Mom and Pops store that caters for our community.

~Laurie~ 5 star Pleasant Store.

~T.S~ 5 stars

1,ooo's of items in store

Please pop in . We have parking in the back.

We sell on Amazon for shipping check out Canadian Lifestyle Company inc.

Our store is your go to for medical home health needs.

We supply intermittant catheters, wound care and ostomy.

Pop in to have Peter help you as best he can.

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